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Root (2011-2014)

Root project started as a classical photography project. However, at the beginning of the project I felt only photography was not enough to show my experiences and findings toward my origin. I started to collect objects such as stones and minerals during trips to my village in order to archaeologically trace their histories. I attempted to investigate my origin based on these stones, to extend the idea of origin from only human ancestors. I have reproduced the stones and minerals with different materials such as resin, rubber and 3D mapping. The project has two parts; one part contains an installation, where visitors can sensitively experience the environment: a darkened room with soil on the ground and a light box on the wall. The second part contains reproduced objects and prints on aluminum and vinyl. Root became a starting point to understand non-human language. This project can be understood as my first relation with objects and forging the boundaries of the medium. copy.jpg